Frankie and Zeke, The Magic of Rainbow Sherbert by Samantha Rae: Ice Cream Shop Series Book 31

Author: Samantha Rae 
Release Date: July 31, 2019
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Searching for her past finds Frankie in the small town of Liberty, Massachusetts. What she wasn’t expecting to find in this little town, however, was a guy named Zeke…a guy whose body, heart and soul could melt the rainbow right off of her scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream. What Frankie has to decide is if she will allow the ghosts of her past melt the possibilities of her future with this handsome distraction.

Zeke finds himself back home in Liberty, doing what he does best…eating his family’s famous recipe, “DaddyO Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream,” which is proudly sold in his mother’s Sweet Land of Liberty ice cream shop and bakery. He spends his days working at the local tattoo shop, Soul Ink, where he meets Frankie. This troubled but gorgeous girl walks right into his shop looking for connections to her past. Will Zeke be able to convince her to trust him with her heart?

Come on in to Sweet Land of Liberty where you’ll find friendship and love…all over a bowl of DaddyO Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream.

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