It’s My Birthday Cake by Marie Ahls: Ice Cream Shop Series Book 28

Author: Marie Ahls 
Release Date: July 28, 2019
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“Charm and seduce him” was what he said to do, but Lydia Jackson finds herself charmed and seduced by the very person she was supposed to be charming. Wanting to impress her boss, Lydia accepts a new job assignment to gather intel from a rival company. Off to small-town Iowa she goes where Lydia discovers more than she bargains for when she is forced to explore what type of woman she wants to be.  Gage Eastwood is grieving from his grandfather’s death and looking to continue his grandfather’s legacy and make him proud. He suddenly finds himself enchanted by the new woman who comes to town. With a kind heart and generous spirit, he sets out to make this woman his. As their worlds collide, will Gage and Lydia be able to find a way to be together or will they be torn apart by little white lies? 

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